Haters are a good thing.

Haters almost always mean you’re doing something right. If you’re doing something good, or something big, people are going to be jealous.

With any entrepreneurial endeavor, there will be risks (read more about that here). And there will also be haters. Haters are people who didn’t take the risk that you did. Haters are people who don’t. Haters are people who can’t.

So don’t let haters bother you – make haters your trophies. Think about who has haters: winners. LeBron has haters, and he has championship rings and MVP trophies. Mark Zuckerburg has haters, and he has to have other people who count his money. The Yankees have haters, and they have a whole room of World Series trophies. Taylor Swift has haters, and she wrote a #1 hit about them to add to her stacks of platinum records. Losers don’t have haters. You want haters. Haters mean you’re really doing it, and you’re doing it well.

Go get some haters.

(More on how to treat your haters later…)